Kweku Opoku-Agyemang was featured in The Economist and The Discovery Channel’s NowThis


How Economics Can Develop Startups for Development  (New Draft) [SocArXiv Preprint]

Like the earlier mobile phone revolution, technology startups across Africa are taking policy makers by surprise. I discuss technology startups as next-generation African development platforms.

Many national and global policy efforts in the coming years will be focused on the potential role technology startups can play in economic progress in Africa and the developing world, with an emphasis on developing and leveraging information and communication technology-related businesses to grow beyond but coexist with small-scale and informal enterprises. However, such initiatives will not lessen extreme poverty, and could worsen inequality in the absence of being embedded in broader economic development policy based on scientific evidence. I examine the unique economics of startups and associated technology initiatives to influence economic development, with a focus on the factors influencing their role in data collection, social science research and policy making.

Scaling Up Peer Education with Farmers in India (2017). [first author] (with Bhaumik Shah and Tapan S. Parikh). accepted. Proceedings of the IEEE/ACM Ninth International Conference on Information Technologies and Communication for Development. Association of Computing Machinery/Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.